Harmony and Healing Reiki and Acupressure

Relaxing Reiki and Acupressure treatments to balance your body and soul


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Reiki and Acupressure treatments are both great for relaxing you and for helping you to heal.  This can be from pain, or on a mental or spiritual level.  They can be offered together in a treatment or separately.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of healing.  The reiki practitioner channels good energy from the universe, which your body takes and uses to heal itself.

Reiki is beneficial for physical ailments, mental health issues and also for your soul.  It can help you in many ways and is a very relaxing treatment.

I am a qualified reiki practitioner and have practised for many years.

Acupressure is also an ancient form of healing.  It is similar to acupuncture but without the needles.  It involves pressure being applied to different points around the body, depending on the condition of the individual.  Acupressure treatments are bespoke to the individual and can be discussed prior to a treatment to get the best possible benefits for you.



Harmony and Healing reiki is a very relaxing treatment.

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Physical ailments

Harmony and Healing reiki can help with physical ailments.

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Spiritual Healing

Harmony and Healing Reiki can help with spiritual healing.

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Acupressure treatments are tailor made for the individual. It can also be combined with reiki.


Relaxing reiki treatments can bring an enormous sense of wellbeing and deep relaxation, along with pain relief.

Animal Reiki Healing

I also offer animal healing. Most animals respond really well to reiki and fall asleep during a treatment. I have had many successful reports from the owners after their pets have had a treatment. This can be for pain or behavioural issues.

Harmony and Healing Reiki and Acupressure Treatments

Find the ultimate in relaxation

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  • Treatments Rooms at Wellbeing At With Complements, 36B High Street, Burton Latimer, Northants, NN15 5LB
  • I work from the treatment rooms at Wellbeing At With Complements. www.withcomplements.co.uk

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